The Knight Neural Centre will be a new website aimed at providing a brand new information resource for all things Knight Rider – from 1982 right through to the present day.  To be presented as a monthly “magazine”-style site, it shall be updated on the first of each month, with the aim of ultimately becoming the first stop for anything a fan could ever want to know about KR.

In the world of online Knight Rider, there are several sites that are fantastic for all the latest news, especially as we now have a brand spanking new series to look forward to.  There are also lively discussion forums bulging with fans who love nothing more than talking about their favourite television series.  There’s online groups too for more intimate meetings, sites dedicated to customising your car, yearly meetings arranged through their own web pages, and plenty of places to buy merchandise including books and autobiographies.

The Knight Neural Centre will not be attempting any kind of competition with these sites (indeed, Knight Rider Online is a personal favourite of mine), instead I was inspired by the fortnightly “Stargate SG-1 DVD Collection” magazine, and other similar partwork titles.  The ultimate goal is to have KNC, updated monthly, chock-full of Knight Rider “information and resources” rather than the latest news.  Users will be able to dip in and find out what they need to know, or browse through the site at ease if they simply want to find out more about the franchise, or even (and I hope this will be the main case) become monthly readers. :D

This blog will track the conception, design and creation of KNC from the very beginning.  Every creative decision, every new addition to the site’s contents, every thought I have about what the site will be, what it means to me and the fans, and where it shall go.  In the meantime, why don’t you leave me a comment below about the kind of areas you would like to see researched and added when the “magazine” goes live?  It’d be great to hear from you as time moves on and the site begins to take shape! :)

I hope you enjoy.




Philip Boyce lives in the quiet seaside town of Whitehead, in Northern Ireland.  Currently at that tender young age of 30 (yes, tender young age… tender young age I say!) he has, after many false starts into the world of a Knight Rider website (this one for example – shudder) finally decided upon KNC.  Still looking for that perfect full-time job, he’s a firm believer that it does not have to be your job that defines you, but what you do with your life outside of it.  Of course, this is easy to say when stuck in a rubbish job, but he hopes that KNC will become his full-time obsession over the next few years, and that an actual money-providing job of better pedigree than “railway station shop supervisor” is just around the corner to finance such an obsession.  He lists his Knight Rider complete DVD set, his Nintendo Wii and his fish as his most treasured items, spaghetti bolognese as his favourite food, swimming as his favourite form of excercise, and Paris as his favourite holiday spot.  He has blue eyes.


The Knight Neural Resource shall launch in 2009.

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